The News of The Cartier Panthere Replica Price

May 26, 2018 0 By vcaring

Cheetah was a watch when it first appeared in the Cartier design time in 1914. Design inspiration from cartier panthere replica. And the designer Jeanne Toussaint make the cheetah design to flourish. Because Cartier is the first brand using cheetah to reflect the female temperament, cheetah also allows Cartier to stand out from the many brands.

Cartier and cheetah origins began in 1914, replica panthere de cartier ring price showed cheetah pattern in the watch for the first time.In the same year, Louis Cartier entrusted the painter, George Barbier, to design a “lady and cheetah” as the theme of the invitation card. Giorgio Babière used an elegant style from the late Belle Epoque, depicting a young woman dressed in Paul Poiret’s creased skirt. Invitation card before 100 years, and now looks pretty beautiful. Therefore, the small cheetah below her feet was well known by us, cheetah pattern with black and white was born.

Cheetah is the symbol of cartier necklace replica, alway play a totem-like role in Cartier’s history. Over the years, the inspiration of the cheetah used in the Cartier jewelry, watches and accessories, each have become highly respected classic masterpiece, interpretation of the era of the cheetah style of each era miniature. Because of this, the history women who had all-powerful have a soft spot for cartier panthere necklace replica 18k gold, creating a moving story behind cartier panthere jewelry. The Cartier senior jewelry creative director Zhen Dusan, lead the Cartier to a new field of creativity since the 30s of last century, made Cartier logo of the cheetah theme across a century. In the years to come, to create the legend of the Duchess of Windsor, French socialite and writer Daisy Faro, charming Nina Khan princess, known as the “Mexican cheetah” Maria Felix different Era of bold women, have their own unique female character interpretation Cartier cheetah of different grace.

In fact, the reason why cartier panthere ring fake rose gold is so diverse, sophisticated and complex style and style, rely on Cartier in the field of animal modeling of the superb craftsmanship, in the design between sketch to fine jewelry, embodies the jewelry artisans, mosaic division, gem cutting The extraordinary skill of the division. The embellished Leopard Eye with emeralds and leopard nose with onyx and diamonds.